Work Package 6
Project management
to facilitate the smooth execution of the project
In a nutshell

ork Package 6 executes the general coordination of the consortium, to ensure the coherency between the different work packages, the respect of the project objectives and deadlines, as well as the management of legal, financial and administrative aspects.

Work scope
Task 6.1
Consortium management

Task 6.1 groups the coordinator activities in terms of general management of the Project. In particular:

  • provides general coordination of the consortium and maintenance of the consortium agreement;
  • administrates the Project resources;
  • elaborates and monitors the Project procedures, to define in detail the Project’s internal organization;
  • defines the PASCAL logo, reporting and presentation templates, etc.;
  • follows-up the Project planning, and deliverables and milestones accomplishment;
  • ensures that all partners share the same level of information on general issues concerning the Project;
  • elaborates the periodic management & activity reports to the European Commission;
  • prepares, organizes and reports the Project management meetings;
  • follows-up the decisions and action plans.

ENEA is entrusted as Project coordinator.

A Project quality plan is applied, containing internal guidelines and detailing Project procedures (quality assurance, document management, document templates, deliverable validation workflow, etc.), in accordance with the Project management and organization defined in the Grant Agreement and the Consortium Agreement. SINTEC will ensure the dissemination among the partners of the communication procedures, and will verify that the quality prescriptions for reporting and presentations are respected by the partners. Moreover, it will help in the internal diffusion of information and will keep a register of all the reports produced in the Project.

To support the quality management, an online tool is implemented to permit a smooth a straightforward process for the evaluation and quality control of all the documentation produced in the Project.

Task 6.2
Quality management
Task 6.3
Advisory Committee management

An external Advisory Committee (ExAC) is constituted by high-ranking representatives of the major interested stakeholders, to advice the partners during the execution of the Project in order to maximize the impact of the results. The advice from the ExAC will be stimulated wherever expertise from the field is required, and then incorporated in the Project deliverables.

ENEA coordinates the activities of the ExAC, while Sintec ensures the secretariat of the committee, facilitating their communication with the Project consortium, collecting the documentation produced and ensuring the access of the ExAC to the Project relevant data.

Task 6.4 manages the planning, organization and reporting of the meetings required for the correct management of the Project:

  • progress meetings of the Work Package and of the Executive Board, technical in nature, as a checkpoint for the activities planned in the Project;
  • general meetings of all the consortium bodies, both technical and managerial in nature, with reporting and planning aims for the overall Project.
Task 6.4
Project secretariat and
meeting organization