A proven organization for sound management of a complex project
Focused actions and cross-cutting support
One of the pillars of safety is defence in depth: multiple barriers enveloping one the other, and protection measures to prevent their failure.
The structure of PASCAL reflects this approach:
3 Work Packages investigating the strength of the barriers,
1 Work Packages dealing with cross-cutting aspects of protection.
The last two Work Packages support the execution of the project, facilitating hands-on training for students and young researchers and structuring management activities.
Safety of the fuel pin system
to assess the effectiveness of the fuel as first physical barrier for defence in depth
Safety of the reactor coolant system
to stress-test the resistance of the engineering barriers
Safety of the reactor containment system
to prove the ultimate retention capabilities of the coolant-containment pair
Integrity and resistance
to seize potential threats and prevent the failure of the barriers
Education and training
to sustain the formation of a new generation of safety-skilled experts
Project management
to facilitate the smooth execution of the project
A compact group Rooted in the international context

To maximize the scientific value of the work, and secure the technical relevance in support of the licensing of ALFRED and MYRRHA, the consortium leverages the External Advisory Committee. Renowned experts from the research, industry and safety world periodically review the ongoing activities and results, to provide external, independent evaluation and recommendations on the investigated topics.