Support to
We are committed to support mobility of students and young professionals among the European organizations
We value cooperation
for high-level education

For this PASCAL supports the mobility of MS and PhD students, Post-Docs and young researchers,
to offer unique chances for hands-on training on the topics encompassed in the Project.

Focused Calls

on topics proposed by the organizations
involved in the Project, therefore
directly related to the PASCAL workscope

A dedicated budget is reserved,
and managed by Work Package 5,
periodically providing actual opportunities
to access unique research facilities
and join renowned working groups:
an invaluable chance to experience research
in close link with the design and licensing
of real innovative reactor projects.

Calls for Excellence

awarded to the applicants proposing the
best ideas to extend further the scope of
PASCAL on the areas covered by the Project

We plan more than 40 grants

The grants will provide financial support to the moving students or young professionals, in the form of reimbursement of travel, accommodation and daily expenses.


The selection of the topics for each Focused Call will be made according to the proposals by the partners and, as much as practicable, to the principle of fair rotation among the organizations in the Consortium.

The Focused Calls will indicate, for each position, the proposed activity, the hosting institution, the facilities involved and the expected duration, as well as the required education. A judging commission will be established within the hosting organization, and will include also one person involved in the Work Package 5 – Education and Training of PASCAL.

The Calls for Excellence will indicate only the subjects and related workscopes encompassed by PASCAL, leaving to the applicant the freedom to propose the hosting organization, the required facilities and the duration deemed necessary to accomplished the proposed idea.

A judging commission will be established by members of the Consortium, depending on the content of the received proposals; external experts could be also involved in the decision wherever necessary or opportune for a fair evaluation of all submitted proposals.

Calls for
The prolonged emergency situation dictated by the Covid-19 pandemics
is currently impairing our possibility to issue grants for mobility.
We are strongly committed to launch the calls and recover the
missed opportunities as soon as this will be practicable again.